Installing and Configuring MicroTouch USB device
on Linux console and XFree 4.2.x

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XFree86 ver. 4.2.x has support for Microtouch touchscreen devices, but only for devices connected via serial ports, unfortunately the one which I had to use was connected via USB port.
Most of files needed has been prepared by Radoslaw Garbacz from IT Experts Sp. z o.o..
I am not author of these drivers and I did not modify packages which you will use.
I am only end-user of these files.
USBtouch kernel patch is prepared by Groom Lake Laboratories as a part of The GrandAmp Project.

USBTouch kernel patch simplify the instalation of touchscreen.
I tried patch for kernel 2.4.19 - it works great.
You can download this patch from GrandAmp's site or from here (10KB).
You will also need copy of kernel sources wich you can download from (+25MB).
Now you have to compile kernel for your platform, but at first decompress kernel sources and patch it with usbtouch kernel patch.

cd /usr/src
/usr/bin/bzcat linux-2.4.19.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar xv
/bin/ln -s linux linux-2.4.19
/bin/zcat usbtouch-20020930-2.4.19.patch.gz | /usr/bin/patch -p0
Remember to turn on at least:
- Support for USB
  - USB Touchscreen support
Now you have to make two device files:
/bin/mknod /dev/usbtouch0 c 180 48
/bin/ln -s /dev/usbtouch0 /dev/usbtouch
/bin/rm /dev/mouse
/bin/ln -s /dev/usbtouch0 /dev/mouse
/bin/chown root.root /dev/usbtouch0
/bin/chmod 666 /dev/usbtouch0
If you are using devfs, you should read description in USBtouch kernel patch.

Now you can restart with your new kernel.

If you want to use your touchscreen under console or X-Window you have to install and run gpm package modified by You can also download source of this gpm package and compile it by yourself.

/bin/rpm -Uvh gpm-1.19.1-2.i386.rpm

Now you can load usb kernel modules. I use this commands:

/sbin/modprobe usb-uhci; /bin/sleep 3;
/sbin/modprobe usbtouch; /bin/sleep 3;
/usr/sbin/gpm -tusbmt -Rsumma  > /dev/null 2>&1;
Delays (/bin/sleep) are needed, because we have to take a bit of time for initialization devices and modules.

Now, you should be able to use your touchtablet under console.
If you can't you should try load usb-ohci or uhci instead usb-uhci kernel driver and run gpm again (remember to kill gpm before rerun).

To use MicroTouch USB touch with XFree 4.2.x you need gpmsumma_drv.o which can be download from here (this one has been compiled under XFree86 v.4.0.2).

Now, copy this driver (gpmsumma_drv.o) to /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/input/.

/bin/cp -v gpmdumma_drv.o /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/input

And add this lines to your XF86Config (usually in /etc/X11).
Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier  "Mouse1"
    Driver      "gpmsumma"
    Option      "Type"          "finger"
    Option      "Device"        "/dev/gpmdata"
    Option      "Mode"          "Absolute"
    Option      "Cursor"        "Puck"

You also have to change one line in ServerLayout section in XF86Config. It should looks almost like this now:
Section "ServerLayout"
    InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer"

If you have done everything corectly you should be able to use you touchtablet as well under console as in X sessions.

Have a lot of fun...

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